imageN makes it easy to acquire, view, edit, organize and publish digital images.
Program features include:
  • A unique, uncluttered user interface. Exceptionally fast image viewer and editor, ideally suited for processing large images created by modern digital cameras.
  • Digital camera support. Download, upload, process and rename images. Add date/time/exposure stamp to images. The program supports JPG (EXIF, CIFF, JFIF/APP12), BMP and PNG file formats.
  • Photoshop plug-in filter support. View, edit and create Filter Factory plugins.
  • Lossless JPEG transformations: rotate, mirror, crop and add comments.
  • High quality image resampling and rotation. Image corrections: brightness, contrast, histogram, levels, RGB, HSL, Gamma, ICC profiles and more.
  • Add voice annotations to images, create AVI movies from still images, create image collections on CD-ROM.
  • Batch conversions: resample and rotate images, apply Photoshop filters and much more.
  • Fast, searchable image database and image browser. Option to export image information to a SQL database.
  • Built-in Web server: integrated with the image database, it does not require you to maintain HTML files. Publish images on the Web and use your web browser to view and print images and thumbnails.
imageN requires Windows NT4/2000/XP/ME/98/95, 32+ MB RAM, 166+ MHz Pentium CPU and a graphics card capable of displaying thousands of colors. The program is freeware. Latest version is 1.4b.



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